Top Hollywood Riviera Home Sale of the Month – 109 Via La Soledad Sells at $3,325,000

Hollywood Riviera's Top Sale of August

There were some very big home sales during August in the Hollywood Riviera but none bigger than the $3,325,000 sales price of 109 Via La Soledad.  Perched on an elevated lot this was a beautifully remodeled single family home with a Cape Cod inspiration.  The home had a wonderful coastal feel and offered big ocean views and a very nice sized yard.

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109 Via La Soledad – $3,325,000

Listing courtesy of Chris Fitzpatrick – Pacific Land Corporation – 310-519-0155

Oceanfront Home at 505 Paseo De La Playa Sells at $5,175,000

505 Paseo De La Playa in the Hollywood Riviera

After a hiatus off of the market since August of 2020 the beachfront home at 505 Paseo De La Playa is back on the market.  It had been on the market during the summer of 2020 listed at $5,500,000 at the time.

With a home like this you’re definitely paying for location as it’s a fairly original home but the location just can’t be beat.  The last sale of something fairly similar was 529 Paseo De La Playa which was a 4 bed, 3 bath single family home with a bit under 3200 feet that sold at $5,650,000.

505 Paseo De La Playa offers the same specs with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and the same 3,179 square feet.  The lot on 505 is a bit larger and extends all the way to the beach, but the home at 529 had done significant work to the bluff at a pretty marjor  cost.

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As rare as these oceanfront home sales are, this is definitely not the only oceanfront home. Check out all of the oceanfront homes currently for sale on Paseo De La Playa in theH Hollywood Riviera.

505 Paseo De La Playa – Priced at $5,650,000

Listing courtesy of Dan Mullin – RE/MAX Estate Properties

Torrance Real Estate in January By the Numbers

Torrance real estate at a glance

Although the homes in the Hollywood Riviera have Redondo Beach mailing addresses, they’re actually in the city of Torrance so it’s helpful to keep an eye on the Torrance real estate market as well.. 

Overall it was a great month for the real estate market in Torrance CA.  It was certainly slower than the prior months but that’s not unusual as the holidays really slow the homes going into esrow during December.  There were 78 on market home sales compared with 60 the previous January.  View addresses, prices and details of the homes that sold in Torrance during January.

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The median sales price of the homes that sold was $845,000 with a very short average 27 days on market.  View our Torrance real estate stats and trends to see how Januare compares to previous months.

Understanding Living Trusts

questions & answers on living trusts

Estate planners often recommend “Living Trusts” as a viable option when contemplating the manner in which to hold title. When a property is held in a Living Trust, title companies have particular requirements to facilitate the transaction.


Information provided by WFG National Title Company Corporate 


A typical trust is the Family Trust in which the Husband and Wife are the Trustees and, with their children, the beneficiaries. Those who establish the trust and transfer their property into it are known as Trustors. After their passing, their children and grandchildren usually become the primary beneficiaries if the trust is to survive, or the beneficiaries receive distributions directly from the trust if it is to close out.

What is a Living Trust?

Sometimes called a Inter-vivos Trust, the living Trust is created during the lifetime of the Trustor (as opposed to being created by their Wills after death) and usually terminates after they die and the body of the Trust is distributed to their beneficiaries.

Can a Trust hold title to Real Property?

No. The Trustee holds the property on behalf of the Trust.

Is a Trust the best way to hold my property?

Only Your attorney or accountant can answer the question; some common reasons for holding property in a Trust are to minimize or postpone death taxes, to avoid a time consuming probate, and to shield property from attack by certain unsecured creditors.

What taxes can I avoid by putting my property in a Trust?

Married persons can usually exempt a significant part of their assets from taxation and may postpone taxes after the first of them to die passes. You should check with your attorney or accountant before taking any action.

Can I homestead property which is held in a Trust?

A Trustee can take any action permitted by the terms of the Trust, and the typical Trust Agreement does give the Trustee the authority to borrow and encumber real property. However, not all lenders will lend on a property held in a trust, so check with your lender first.

Can Someone else hold title for me “In Trust?”

Some people who do not wish their names to show as titleholders make private arrangements with a third party Trustee; however, such an  arrangement may be illegal, and is always inadvisable because the Trustee of record is the only one who is empowered to convey, or borrow against, the property, and the Title Insurer cannot protect you from a Trustee who is not acting in accordance with your wishes despite the existence of a private agreement you have with the Trustee.

See the Homes that Sold in Torrance During September

September 2020 Home Sales in Torrance

What a month it was for real estate in Torrance during September.  Torrance saw another great month for home sales and home prices.  122 homes closed escrow during the month which is the highest number of home sales in years.  Take a look below at all of the homes that sold. 

Surprisingly the highest priced sale of the month was int in the Hollywood Riviera or neighboring South Torrance.  The highest priced home sale of the month was 4,000+ square foot single family 5 bedroom home at 5531 Laurette in the neighborhood of Southwood

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September 2020 Home Sales and House Prices

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear
SFR/D21224Doble Ave$640,000$4943/2,0,0,01295/E1960
SFR/D1624 W220th ST$650,000$4342/2,0,0,01496/E1930/ASR
SFR/D1518 W213th ST$770,000$4393/3,0,0,01754/A1943/EST
CONDO/A23332Sesame ST #D$220,000$5300/1,0,0,0415/A1973/EST
CONDO/A23300Sesame ST #36D$242,500$5840/1,0,0,0415/A1973/ASR
CONDO23330Sesame ST #A$304,000$5131/1,0,0,0593/1973
CONDO20434 SVermont AVE #67$315,000$4801/0,1,0,0656/1978
CONDO/A20614 SVermont AVE #39$331,000$5051/1,0,0,0656/A1978/ASR
CONDO/A1109Sepulveda BLVD #E103$340,000$5501/1,0,0,0618/A1973/PUB
CONDO/A1125Sepulveda BLVD #K103$340,000$5501/1,0,0,0618/A1973/ASR
CONDO/A1123Sepulveda BLVD #J104$367,500$4622/1,0,0,0796/A1973/OTH
CONDO/A1117Sepulveda BLVD #2-102$390,000$4672/2,0,0,0836/A1973/ASR
CONDO/A23212Sesame ST #A$420,000$3953/1,0,1,01064/A1973/ASR
CONDO/A20561 SVermont AVE #2$423,500$4382/2,0,0,0968/A1982/ASR
TWNHS22324Harbor Ridge LN #5$470,000$3653/1,0,1,01287/A1979/ASR
SFR/D22923Alexandria AVE$508,000$4613/1,0,1,01102/A1981/ASR
SFR/D1049Jay ST$590,000$5903/1,0,0,01000/A1954/ASR
TWNHS/A22919Mariposa AVE #303$590,000$3663/4,0,0,01610/A2009/ASR
SFR/D22727Menlo AVE$665,000$4353/2,0,0,01529/A1969/ASR
TWNHS/D22732Meyler ST$682,000$4133/2,1,0,01650/A2016/ASR
SFR/D20913 SVan Deene AVE$685,000$4583/2,0,0,01495/AP1957/ASR
TWNHS/D1221Jasmine Walk$720,000$3953/2,0,1,01822/A2004/SLR
CONDO/A24450Ward Street$750,000$5263/1,1,0,01427/A1981/ASR
SFR/D2709Normallin ST$865,000$7183/2,0,0,01204/A1953/ASR
SFR/D2741Grand Summit RD$869,998$8143/1,0,0,01069/A1954/ASR
SFR/D3204Danaha ST$950,000$4694/2,0,0,02027/A1953/ASR
CONDO/D24238OCEAN AVE$980,000$4633/2,0,1,02115/B2020/BLD
SFR/D26017Calmhill DR$995,000$8203/0,2,0,01214/A1955/PUB
CONDO/D24240OCEAN AVE$1,105,000$5223/2,0,1,02115/B2020/BLD
CONDO/D24236OCEAN AVE$1,115,000$5273/2,0,1,02115/B2020/BLD
SFR2905OAKWOOD LN$1,150,000$6183/3,0,0,01860/1976/ASR
SFR/D2854WINDMILL RD$1,175,000$6943/2,0,0,01692/A1976/ASR
SFR/D3207Carolwood LN$1,245,000$6153/3,0,1,02026/A1977/ASR
SFR/D24411Neece AVE$1,375,000$5354/2,0,1,02572/A2001/ASR
SFR/D2503Loftyview DR$1,399,000$3685/3,0,1,03804/SEE2004/ASR
CONDO/A3550Torrance BLVD #109$369,000$6471/1,0,0,0570/A2006/PUB
CONDO/A3230Merrill DR #74$410,000$4762/1,0,0,0861/A1964/ASR
CONDO/A3230Merrill DR #61$432,500$5022/1,0,0,0861/SEE1964/ASR
CONDO/A2940 WCarson ST #113$455,000$4842/2,0,0,0941/A1962/ASR
CONDO/A2940 WCarson ST #224$475,000$5912/1,0,0,0804/A1962/ASR
SFR/D1621Crenshaw BLVD$555,000$1,0762/1,0,0,0516/A1924/PUB
TWNHS/A2931Plaza Del Amo #46$645,000$5442/2,0,1,01186/A1985/ASR
CONDO2595Plaza Del Amo #427$727,000$5092/2,0,1,01429/T1986
CONDO/A2577Plaza Del Amo #706$750,000$5512/2,0,1,01362/A1987/ASR
SFR/D1605Date AVE$770,000$7592/1,0,0,01015/A1956/ASR
TWNHS/A2825Plaza Del Amo #166$790,000$4303/3,0,0,01839/A1994/ASR
TWNHS/A3446Del Amo BLVD$805,000$4824/2,0,1,01670/A1974/PUB
SFR/A2815SEPULVEDA BLVD #9$895,000$3833/3,0,0,02334/A2001/ASR
SFR/D2889Plaza Del Amo #912$1,000,000$4383/2,0,1,02285/A2003/ASR
CONDO/A22883 #BNadine Circle$420,000$3761/1,1,0,01117/AP1963/ASR
CONDO/A23063Nadine Circle A$505,000$4522/1,1,0,01117/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22936Nadine CIR #B$520,000$5471/1,0,1,0950/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22947Maple AVE$577,640$5172/1,1,0,01117/A1963/ASR
CONDO/D24410Crenshaw BLVD #321$599,000$3623/2,0,0,01654/A1987/ASR
TWNHS/A2752 W235th ST$685,000$4892/2,0,0,01400/B1999/ASR
SFR/D3703 W225th ST$863,000$6363/1,0,1,01356/A1953/ASR
SFR/D22313Ward ST$899,000$7014/2,0,0,01283/A1956/ASR
SFR/D2625 W225th ST$965,000$6004/2,0,0,01609/A1960/ASR
SFR/D2743 W233rd ST$1,120,000$5564/2,0,0,02013/A1965/ASR
SFR/D23108Greenwood AVE$1,195,000$6784/2,0,0,01763/A1965/ASR
SFR/D22603Felbar AVE$1,303,000$5584/3,0,1,02337/A1963/ASR
SFR/D23402Susana AVE$1,152,600$1,0373/1,0,1,01112/A1954/ASR
SFR/D5416Riviera WAY$1,280,000$8263/2,0,1,01549/A1954/ASR
SFR/D23206Anza AVE$859,000$5593/2,0,0,01536/A1960/PUB
SFR/D22708Linda DR$1,000,000$9403/2,0,0,01064/A1952/ASR
SFR/D22914Kent AVE$1,108,000$5115/3,0,0,02167/A1955/ASR
SFR/D22718Evalyn AVE$1,200,000$7164/3,0,0,01675/A1953/ASR
SFR/D5404Palos Verdes BLVD$1,250,000$6403/1,1,0,11952/A1952/ASR
SFR/D5110Milne DR$1,359,000$5584/2,1,0,02435/A1952/ASR
SFR3850 W230th St. ST$1,570,000$4704/3,0,0,03342/1990
SFR/D21922Ladeene AVE$865,000$7443/1,1,0,01162/A1956/ASR
SFR/D21701Ocean AVE$950,000$5314/2,0,0,01790/A1956/ASR
SFR/D21517Ladeene AVE$1,030,000$6603/2,0,0,01560/A1956/PUB
SFR4709 WCarson ST$1,042,000$6773/2,0,0,01539/B1955
SFR/D21901Redbeam AVE$1,100,000$9473/2,0,0,01162/A1955/ASR
SFR/D4927Jacques ST$1,175,000$5564/2,0,0,02114/A1955/EST
SFR/D5531Laurette ST$1,885,000$4625/1,3,1,04083/A2005/ASR
CONDO/A4520Emerald ST$705,000$4762/2,0,1,01480/P1981/PUB
TWNHS/A4418Spencer ST$857,500$3403/2,0,1,02525/A1984/ASR
SFR/D19445Sturgess DR$930,000$5303/2,0,0,01754/A1956/ASR
SFR/D5507Norton ST$955,000$8533/1,1,0,01120/A1956/ASR
SFR/D20135Talisman ST$960,000$7273/1,1,0,01320/A1955/PUB
SFR/D5313Carmelynn AVE$970,000$6153/1,1,0,01577/A1956/ASR
SFR/D4726Carmelynn ST$995,000$7093/1,1,0,01403/A1955/ASR
SFR/D4701Steele ST$1,140,000$6023/2,0,1,01894/A1986/ASR
SFR/D5010Onyx ST$1,275,000$5534/2,0,0,02307/A1961/APP
SFR/D5540Norton ST$1,845,000$5304/4,0,0,03481/P1989/PUB
TWNHS/A3888Redondo Beach BLVD$609,600$5352/2,0,1,01140/A2005/ASR
SFR/D17404Elgar AVE$700,000$6583/1,0,0,01064/A1951/ASR
TWNHS/A18050Prairie AVE #A$700,000$4823/2,0,1,01452/A1989/ASR
SFR/D17011Osage AVE$765,000$5743/1,1,0,01333/A1951/PUB
SFR/D16607Falda AVE$800,000$6143/1,0,1,01304/A1952/ASR
SFR/D3232 W187th PL$800,000$5763/2,0,0,01389/A1950/ASR
SFR/D3407 W190th ST$810,000$4434/3,0,1,01828/O1951/SEE
SFR/D3231 W188th ST$829,000$7503/2,0,0,01106/A1950/ASR
SFR/D4122 W183rd ST$890,000$5784/3,0,0,01540/A1954/ASR
TWNHS/D18305Amie AVE$900,000$4414/3,1,0,02040/A2007/OTH
SFR/D16842Thornburgh AVE$920,000$5364/2,0,0,01716/A1953/ASR
SFR/D2735 W176th ST$550,000$6022/1,0,0,0914/A1950/ASR
TWNHS/A18337Van Ness AVE$635,000$3904/2,0,1,01627/A1964/ASR
SFR/A2612 W176th ST$715,000$6993/1,0,0,01023/A1950/ASR
SFR/D2023 W162nd ST$810,000$5483/1,1,0,01479/A1951/ASR
SFR/D2509 W178th ST$813,500$6983/0,1,1,01166/A1955/ASR
SFR/D18031Gramercy PL$840,000$6253/2,0,1,01343/A1957/ASR
TWNHS/A17508Van Ness AVE$915,000$5153/2,0,2,01776/B2018/ASR
SFR/D2145Johnson CT$990,000$5404/2,0,0,01832/A1965/ASR
TWNHS/A911Cota AVE #4$580,000$4362/1,1,1,01329/A1984/ASR
TWNHS/A2701Gramercy AVE #8$665,000$4943/3,0,0,01345/A1984/ASR
TWNHS/A2701Gramercy AVE #2$672,000$5003/2,0,1,01345/A1984/PUB
TWNHS/A2160Plaza Del Amo #175$674,000$4443/1,1,1,01517/A1979/ASR
TWNHS/A2132Washington AVE$705,000$5112/2,0,1,01379/A2006/ASR
TWNHS/A807Van Ness AVE #D$708,000$4823/2,0,1,01470/A2000/ASR
TWNHS/D2112Santa Fe AVE$713,000$4053/2,0,1,01761/A1991/ASR
SFR/D1014Sierra PL$715,000$5942/1,0,1,01204/A1950/ASR
SFR/D2624Martha AVE$725,000$7242/2,0,0,01001/A1949/ASR
SFR/D812Portola AVE$765,000$4284/2,1,0,01786/A1920/ASR
TWNHS/A1800Oak ST #346$770,000$5792/2,0,1,01330/A2007/ASR
SFR/D2024Gramercy AVE$835,000$7693/1,1,0,01086/A1917/ASR
TWNHS/A624Madrid AVE$880,000$3903/2,0,1,02256/A1990/ASR
TWNHS/A2303Jefferson ST #1200$910,000$3763/3,0,1,02419/B2010/ASR
SFR/D1511Acacia AVE$949,900$7683/2,0,0,01237/A1927/ASR
TWNHS/A2200 W236th PL W$650,000$5942/3,0,0,01094/B2018/ASR
SFR/D1762 W244th ST$725,000$5803/2,0,0,01250/A1953/ASR
SFR/A2025Reynosa DR$753,000$7272/1,0,0,01036/A1947/APP
SFR/D1957 W235th PL$850,000$5644/2,0,0,01508/A1963/ASR
SFR/D2062 W234th ST$1,130,000$4514/3,0,0,02508/S1965/ASR
SFR/D1926 W237th PL$1,188,000$3644/5,0,0,03263/A1992/ASR



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