Village Palos Verdes in the Hollywood Riviera

June 2022 Home Sales in the Hollywood Riviera

June 2022 home sales and prices in the hollywood riviera

Take a look below at the homes that sold in the Hollywood Riviera during the month of June 2022.

The activity level was pretty typical with 10 homes closing escrow compared with 9 in May.

The average “list” price was fairly incredible at $2,417,000 with the average sold price at $2,435,700 meaning that, in general, homes sold WAY above the original list price.

The average price per foot was $1133 and average days on market was a very brief 16 days before going into pending status.

See how this compares to other months on our Hollywood Riviera real estate trends and statistics page.

The top sale of the month was an incredible oceanfront home at 517 Paseo De La Playa that closed at an amazing $7,050,000.

517 Paseo De La Playa

May 2022 Hollywood Riviera Home Sales and Prices

Home Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
SFR/D220Via Alameda$1,200,000$9542/1,0,0,01258/A1948/ASR
TWNHS/A430 1/2Palos Verdes Blvd$1,490,000$7913/1,1,1,01884/A1978/ASR
SFR/D225Calle de Madrid$1,698,000$1,3443/1,1,0,01263/E1948/ASR
SFR/D130Paseo De Gracia$2,208,000$1,2693/0,2,0,01740/A1952/ASR
TWNHS/A1903Camino De La Costa #B$3,150,000$1,0504/3,0,1,03000/E2021/BLD
SFR/D517Paseo De La Playa$7,050,000$2,3055/4,0,0,03058/A1962/ASR
SFR/D5331Calle Mayor$1,405,000$9203/1,0,1,01528/T1954/ASR
SFR/D4225Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,676,000$1,0463/1,1,0,01603/A1956/ASR
SFR/D349Avenida Atezada$2,180,000$7664/2,0,1,02845/A1954/ASR
SFR/D642Via Los Miradores$2,300,000$8954/1,1,0,02571/A1954/ASR

Proud to Be One of the Top 1.5% of Realtors Nationwide

Realtrends recently compiled their list of the top realtors in the country and in the state for 2021 and Keith Kyle was proud to be recognized as one of the top 1.5% of realtors nationwide.  We thank our wonderful clients for putting their trust in us and helping make this happen.  Thank you  to all of them.

517 Paseo De La Playa Hollywood Riviera

517 Paseo De La Playa – Oceanfront Home on the Bluff Hits the Market at $6,750,000

517 Paseo De La Playa, Redondo Beach

oceanfront home hits the market in the Hollywood Riviera

Beautifully remodeled home…..check……one of the best locations in all of the South Bay……check……..legacy type property…….check……  Listed by Christina Schlank of Vista Sotheby’s this is a beautiful home one of our favorite streets in all of the South Bay.

The lots on the west side of Paseo De La Playa extend all the way down to the sand (not all have access to the beach and putting in access is REALLY tricky due to California coastal commission restrictions.  This home was built in 1962 but underwent an almost total remodel in 2010 and still looks and feels lke a new home.

The home last sold for $5,920,000 in 2017. The previous owner had been Larry Miller of Sit and Sleep and “your mattress is freeeeee!” fame.

517 Paseo De La Playa Hollywood Riviera

Listing Details

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 3.058 square feet
  • 22,289 sq foot lot
  • Built in 1952 extensively remodeled in 2010
  • Listed by Christina Schlank – Vista Sotheby’s International Realty -310-977-5074

Contact Hollywood Riviera real estate specialist Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International for more information or to schedule a private tour.

517 Paseo De La Playa – Listed for $6,750,000

Real Estate Review – Redondo Beach February Real Estate Market at a Glance

Welcome to the February 2022 real estate recap for Redondo Beach.  It was a slow month for the number of homes sold with 37 closed home sales during February.  Homes averaged only 16 days on markket and the median home price was $1,230,000.  See all of the homes that sold in Redondo Beach during February.

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2021 Real Estate Year in Review – See All of the Homes that Sold in the Hollywood Riviera

See all of the homes that sold in the hollywood riviera during 2021

Take a look at all of the homes that sold in the Hollywood Riviera during 2021.  It was a great year with 150 on market (MLS) home, townhome and condo sales.  The average asking price was $1,704,000 with the average sold price at $1,722,000 for the year.  Homes averaged only 31 days on the market before going into escrow.

View the current homes for sale in the Hollywood Riviera


2021 Home Sales and Home Prices in the Hollywood Riviera

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
SFR/D5406Calle De Ricardo$1,365,000$ 9303/2,0,0,01468/A1956/ASR1/5/2021
SFR/D712Calle De Arboles$1,388,500$ 7513/2,0,0,01850/AP1948/ASR1/7/2021
SFR/D5313Calle De Arboles$1,560,000$ 1,0383/1,1,0,01503/A1955/ASR1/8/2021
SFR/D626Paseo De La Playa$1,700,000$ 1,0394/2,0,0,01636/A1955/ASR1/12/2021
TWNHS/A6010 SPacific Coast HWY #10$1,140,000$ 6253/1,1,1,01824/A1987/ASR1/13/2021
SFR/D4721Highgrove AVE$1,125,000$ 6023/2,1,0,01868/A1953/ASR1/15/2021
SFR129Via Colusa$1,285,000$ 1,0522/1,0,0,01221/A1948/ASR1/22/2021
SFR/D4509Highgrove AVE$1,475,000$ 8453/1,2,0,01745/A1953/ASR1/22/2021
SFR/D837Calle Miramar$1,610,000$ 8613/2,0,0,01869/A1955/ASR1/22/2021
SFR/D5202Paseo De Pablo$1,265,000$ 7893/2,0,0,01604/A1956/ASR1/25/2021
SFR/D339Via El Chico$2,248,700$ 6903/2,1,0,03257/T1953/ASR1/29/2021
TWNHS/A6152Pacific Coast Hwy$935,000$ 8322/2,0,1,01124/B2020/BLD2/1/2021
SFR/D237Calle Mayor$1,595,000$ 1,0613/2,0,0,01503/A1948/ASR2/4/2021
SFR/D156Paseo De Gracia$1,549,000$ 8132/2,0,0,01905/A1948/ASR2/11/2021
SFR/D349Calle Mayor$1,895,000$ 7094/3,0,0,02673/A1955/ASR2/11/2021
SFR/D4262Newton ST$1,189,500$ 9032/1,0,1,01318/A1954/ASR2/19/2021
SFR/D442Calle De Aragon$1,650,000$ 1,0073/2,0,0,01638/A1948/ASR2/19/2021
SFR3960Bluff ST$1,150,000$ 8984/1,1,0,01280/A1956/ASR2/26/2021
SFR/D23655Susana AVE$1,380,000$ 6743/3,0,0,02046/A1954/ASR3/3/2021
SFR/D105Via Los Altos$1,475,000$ 9773/2,0,0,01510/A1953/ASR3/9/2021
TWNHS/A213Calle Mayor$1,455,000$ 7963/2,0,1,01827/A1978/ASR3/11/2021
SFR4078Newton ST$1,160,000$ 9053/2,0,0,01282/B19483/12/2021
TWNHS/A155Calle Mayor$1,145,000$ 7412/3,0,0,01545/A1977/ASR3/15/2021
SFR/D3772Newton ST$1,190,000$ 4473/2,0,1,02660/A1989/ASR3/15/2021
SFR/D225Via La Circula$1,490,000$ 8813/2,0,0,01691/A1950/ASR3/15/2021
CONDO/A645Paseo De La Playa #101$970,000$ 7082/2,0,0,01371/A1962/OTH3/18/2021
SFR/D208Via Buena Ventura$2,730,000$ 6915/2,3,1,03950/B2021/BLD3/18/2021
TWNHS/A157Paseo De La Concha #3$925,000$ 8862/2,0,1,01044/A1977/ASR3/23/2021
SFR/D237Via Los Miradores$2,000,000$ 7525/3,0,1,02659/A1953/ASR3/25/2021
SFR/D4515Highgrove AVE$1,230,000$ 6583/2,0,1,01868/A1953/ASR3/26/2021
SFR/D4720Greenmeadows AVE$1,420,000$ 7574/1,1,1,01876/A1953/ASR3/26/2021
SFR/D4002Bluff ST$1,820,000$ 5855/3,0,1,03112/A1956/ASR3/26/2021
SFR/D301Via Linda Vista$1,550,000$ 1,2692/1,0,1,01221/A1951/ASR3/30/2021
TWNHS/A6156Pacific Coast Hwy$935,000$ 7802/2,0,1,01198/B2020/BLD4/12/2021
SFR/D5313Calle Mayor$1,405,000$ 9133/2,0,0,01539/A1954/ASR4/13/2021
TWNHS/A6158Pacific Coast Hwy$935,000$ 7802/2,0,1,01198/B2020/BLD4/15/2021
SFR/D428Via La Soledad$1,525,000$ 1,1093/2,0,0,01375/A1954/ASR4/15/2021
SFR/D127Via Buena Ventura$1,400,000$ 1,0152/2,0,0,01379/A1950/ASR4/16/2021
SFR/D125Vista Del Parque$1,550,000$ 1,1933/2,0,0,01299/A1950/ASR4/19/2021
SFR/D333Via Pasqual$1,633,300$ 9343/2,0,0,01749/A1948/ASR4/20/2021
SFR/D808Calle De Arboles$1,300,000$ 1,1503/1,0,0,01130/A1948/PUB4/22/2021
SFR/D5306Paseo De Pablo$1,600,000$ 6064/2,1,1,02639/A1956/ASR4/28/2021
TWNHS/A189Calle Mayor$1,200,000$ 6573/2,0,1,01827/A1978/ASR4/30/2021
TPLX/D344Calle Miramar$2,725,000$ 8058/4,0,0,03387/A1954/ASR5/4/2021
SFR/D218Vista Del Sol$3,405,000$ 1,3103/3,0,1,02600/E1955/EST5/4/2021
TWNHS/A6154Pacific Coast Hwy$945,000$ 7892/2,0,1,01198/B2020/BLD5/5/2021
SFR/D4609Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,075,000$ 6713/1,1,0,01603/A1956/ASR5/5/2021
TWNHS/A362Palos Verdes BLVD #2$1,675,000$ 6643/2,0,1,02522/A1976/ASR5/5/2021
SFR/D5413Riviera WAY$1,250,000$ 9483/2,0,0,01319/A1954/ASR5/7/2021
SFR/D460Via El Chico$2,700,000$ 7644/2,0,2,03536/AP1973/ASR5/11/2021
SFR/D4802Greenmeadows AVE$1,525,000$ 7634/2,0,1,02000/AP1953/ASR5/13/2021
SFR/D142Via Alameda$1,500,000$ 7413/3,0,0,02025/A1948/ASR5/18/2021
SFR/D505Paseo De La Playa$5,175,000$ 1,6284/3,0,0,03179/A1962/ASR5/20/2021
SFR/D336Via Linda Vista$1,675,000$ 8033/2,0,1,02086/O1951/ASR5/23/2021
CONDO/A635Paseo De La Playa #304$1,299,000$ 9452/2,0,0,01374/A1962/ASR5/24/2021
SFR/D531Camino De Encanto$1,969,000$ 8263/1,1,1,02383/E1955/EST5/24/2021
SFR/D4018Bluff ST$1,510,000$ 8463/1,1,0,01785/A1956/ASR5/25/2021
SFR/D5607Calle De Arboles$1,800,000$ 9923/2,0,0,01814/A1955/ASR5/27/2021
SFR/D123Calle de Andalucia$3,200,000$ 9585/4,0,0,03342/B2021/BLD6/2/2021
CONDO/A639Paseo De La Playa #306$1,875,000$ 1,1882/1,1,0,01578/A1962/ASR6/3/2021
SFR/D410Paseo De La Concha$3,036,700$ 9224/3,0,1,03294/A1996/ASR6/3/2021
SFR/D429Via La Soledad$1,900,652$ 1,0573/1,1,0,01798/A1954/ASR6/4/2021
CONDO/A436Calle Miramar$984,000$ 7122/2,0,1,01383/A1978/ASR6/7/2021
SFR/D226Via Anita$1,910,000$ 1,3523/2,0,0,01413/A1954/ASR6/8/2021
SFR/D4016Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,325,000$ 6774/1,1,1,01956/A1967/PUB6/10/2021
SFR/D23408Susana AVE$1,422,300$ 9213/2,0,0,11544/A1954/ASR6/10/2021
SFR/D124Via Monte Doro$4,760,000$ 7056/5,0,2,06756/A1928/ASR6/15/2021
SFR/D3854Newton ST$1,528,000$ 7093/1,2,0,02155/A1962/ASR6/16/2021
SFR/D428Via La Selva$2,590,000$ 1,0264/2,0,1,02524/A1963/ASR6/18/2021
TWNHS/A439Camino De Las Colinas$1,280,000$ 8173/0,2,1,01566/A1978/ASR6/22/2021
SFR/D127Paseo De Gracia$1,494,000$ 9273/2,0,0,01612/P1949/PUB6/22/2021
SFR/D456Camino De Encanto$2,100,000$ 8384/3,0,0,02505/A1955/PUB6/24/2021
TWNHS/A121Calle Mayor$1,020,000$ 7602/3,0,0,01342/A1974/ASR6/30/2021
SFR/D139Via Alameda$1,401,000$ 1,0013/1,1,0,01400/A1954/ASR6/30/2021
CONDO/A649Paseo De La Playa #305$870,000$ 6632/2,0,0,01312/A1962/ASR7/1/2021
TWNHS/A111Calle Mayor #35$1,452,000$ 9342/2,0,1,01554/A1974/ASR7/1/2021
TWNHS/A171Calle Mayor$985,000$ 7022/1,1,1,01403/P19777/12/2021
SFR/D317Camino De Las Colinas$2,850,000$ 6995/5,0,0,14075/A1930/ASR7/14/2021
SFR/D424Via Linda Vista$2,350,000$ 9304/2,0,0,02527/A1951/ASR7/16/2021
SFR/D238Calle De Madrid$1,425,000$ 9363/1,1,0,01523/E1948/ASR7/19/2021
SFR/D4422Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,540,000$ 8473/1,1,0,01818/A1956/ASR7/19/2021
TWNHS/A223Calle Mayor$1,150,000$ 8292/2,0,1,01388/A1978/ASR7/21/2021
SFR/D4010Bluff ST$1,250,000$ 7623/1,1,0,01640/A1957/ASR7/23/2021
SFR/D4241Mesa ST$1,425,000$ 4234/2,0,1,03372/P1978/PUB7/26/2021
SFR/D618Calle De Arboles$1,780,000$ 1,2413/1,1,0,01434/A1948/ASR7/28/2021
TWNHS/A113Calle Mayor$1,250,000$ 8042/2,0,1,01554/A1974/ASR7/29/2021
SFR/D4090Newton ST$1,130,000$ 8773/2,0,0,01288/A1948/PUB7/30/2021
SFR/D5309Paseo De Pablo$2,097,500$ 6985/3,0,0,03003/A1956/ASR7/30/2021
SFR/D123Camino De Las Colinas$2,000,000$ 1,1403/2,0,0,01754/A1950/ASR8/3/2021
SFR/D533Paseo De Las Estrellas$2,700,000$ 7394/1,2,1,03654/A1959/ASR8/3/2021
TWNHS/A157Paseo de la Concha #4$945,000$ 8772/1,0,1,01077/P1977/PUB8/6/2021
TWNHS/A6160 SPacific Coast HWY$980,000$ 8182/3,0,0,01198/B2020/BLD8/6/2021
SFR/D4015Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,910,500$ 8304/1,2,1,02303/P1969/PUB8/9/2021
CONDO/A201Calle Miramar #17$1,000,000$ 6932/2,0,0,01442/S1962/ASR8/11/2021
SFR/D124Paseo De Las Delicias$2,100,000$ 1,1353/2,0,1,01850/A1951/ASR8/11/2021
SFR/D236Paseo De Gracia$1,800,000$ 1,0513/2,1,0,01713/A1952/ASR8/23/2021
SFR/D109Via La Soledad$3,325,000$ 1,0654/2,0,1,03122/B2008/ASR8/26/2021
SFR/D3911Mesa ST$1,790,000$ 7364/3,0,0,02432/A1971/ASR8/30/2021
SFR/D602Calle De Arboles$2,650,000$ 8075/2,2,0,03285/A1997/ASR9/8/2021
SFR/D5202Paseo Del Pavon$1,625,000$ 1,0083/1,1,0,01612/A1956/ASR9/10/2021
SFR/D5010Paseo Del Pavon$1,700,000$ 7424/3,0,0,02291/P1956/PUB9/13/2021
SFR/D115Via Alameda$1,799,000$ 1,1643/2,0,0,01546/A1954/ASR9/14/2021
SFR229Via Los Altos$1,825,000$ 9693/2,0,1,01884/O19509/15/2021
SFR/D5509Greenmeadows ST$1,240,000$ 8402/1,0,1,01477/A1954/ASR9/16/2021
CONDO/A201Calle Miramar #32$2,000,000$ 7492/3,0,0,02672/A1962/ASR9/16/2021
SFR/D413Calle De Castellana$2,150,000$ 1,2993/2,0,0,01655/A1953/ASR9/17/2021
TWNHS/A417Camino De Las Colinas$1,375,000$ 8782/2,0,1,01566/A1978/ASR9/22/2021
SFR/D332Via San Sebastian$2,430,000$ 1,1053/3,0,0,02200/E1954/ASR9/22/2021
SFR/D5006Calle De Arboles$1,695,000$ 1,0574/2,0,0,01604/A1956/ASR9/23/2021
SFR/D4909Via El Sereno$1,775,000$ 7453/2,1,0,02383/A1956/ASR9/28/2021
SFR/D238Via Linda Vista$1,650,000$ 7893/2,0,0,02092/A1950/ASR9/29/2021
CONDO/A201Calle Miramar #9$1,405,000$ 1,1002/2,0,0,01277/A1962/ASR10/6/2021
SFR/D4234Mesa ST$1,465,000$ 7003/3,0,0,02092/A1969/ASR10/7/2021
SFR/D5402Calle Mayor$1,275,000$ 1,0383/1,0,1,01228/A1954/ASR10/8/2021
SFR/D421Via Colusa$1,645,000$ 1,0313/2,0,0,01595/A1955/PUB10/8/2021
SFR/D353Calle Mayor$2,301,000$ 7803/1,1,1,02950/A1932/ASR10/12/2021
SFR/D328Avenida Atezada$1,685,000$ 7454/1,3,0,02261/A1952/ASR10/13/2021
SFR/D213Vista Del Parque$1,798,000$ 9023/2,0,1,01993/A1956/ASR10/14/2021
SFR/D4910Via El Sereno$1,850,000$ 6005/3,0,0,03085/T1956/ASR10/14/2021
CONDO/A649Paseo De La Playa #207$1,050,000$ 7652/1,1,0,01372/A1962/ASR10/15/2021
SFR/A4532Newton ST$1,625,000$ 5604/2,1,1,02900/E1954/ASR10/18/2021
SFR/D368Paseo De Gracia$1,290,000$ 8903/2,0,0,01449/A1954/ASR10/19/2021
SFR/D444Via Los Miradores$2,025,000$ 1,0073/1,1,1,02010/A1955/ASR10/20/2021
SFR/D24704Via Valmonte$1,460,000$ 8183/1,1,0,01784/A1964/ASR10/22/2021
SFR/D4301Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,549,000$ 5745/2,1,0,02700/E1956/ASR10/22/2021
SFR/D836Calle De Arboles$1,715,000$ 1,2073/2,0,0,01421/E1948/ASR10/22/2021
SFR/D5422Riviera WAY$1,417,700$ 6205/2,0,1,02287/A1954/ASR10/25/2021
SFR/D4021Mesa ST$1,750,000$ 9513/1,1,1,01840/A1970/PUB10/25/2021
TWNHS/A64Palos Verdes BLVD$1,075,000$ 6722/2,0,1,01600/A2006/ASR11/3/2021
SFR/D444Calle De Castellana$2,400,000$ 8014/4,0,0,02995/A1952/APP11/3/2021
SFR/D4117Paseo De Las Tortugas$2,000,000$ 9023/1,1,1,02217/A1968/ASR11/10/2021
SFR/D425Paseo De La Playa$6,900,000$ 2,4863/4,0,0,02776/A1972/ASR11/10/2021
SFR/D4106Via Lado$1,210,000$ 7983/2,0,0,01516/A1958/PUB11/12/2021
SFR5001Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,855,750$ 5944/4,0,0,03126/AP1956/ASR11/18/2021
CONDO/A201Calle Miramar #16$820,000$ 8911/1,0,0,0920/A1962/ASR11/19/2021
SFR/D4222Paseo De Las Tortugas$2,095,000$ 6074/2,1,0,03450/S1991/SLR11/19/2021
SFR/D142Via Alameda$2,250,000$ 1,1113/2,0,1,02025/A1948/ASR11/19/2021
SFR/D4508Newton ST$1,960,000$ 9973/2,0,0,01966/A1954/ASR11/22/2021
SFR/D24859Via Valmonte$1,320,000$ 7503/2,0,0,01760/A1968/PUB11/23/2021
SFR/D232Via Los Miradores$2,650,000$ 1,2803/1,2,1,02070/B1953/ASR11/29/2021
SFR/D4827Greenmeadows AVE$1,160,000$ 5863/1,0,1,01978/A1953/ASR12/3/2021
SFR/D622Paseo De La Playa$1,950,000$ 1,2783/3,0,0,01526/A1955/ASR12/9/2021
SFR/D402Camino De Encanto$2,460,000$ 8694/4,0,0,02831/A1955/ASR12/9/2021
TWNHS/A458Palos Verdes BLVD$1,350,000$ 7953/2,0,1,01698/A1977/ASR12/10/2021
SFR/D5205Paseo Del Pavon$1,650,000$ 1,0334/2,0,0,01597/A1956/ASR12/10/2021
SFR/D328Via El Chico$2,395,000$ 1,1274/2,0,0,02125/A1954/ASR12/13/2021
SFR/D3844Newton ST$1,050,000$ 8652/1,0,0,01214/A1930/ASR12/17/2021
SFR/D4827Newton ST$1,470,000$ 7124/2,0,0,02065/A1966/ASR12/19/2021
SFR/D4525Vista Montana$1,950,000$ 1,2163/2,0,0,01603/A1956/ASR12/20/2021
SFR3909Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,525,000$ 8263/3,0,0,01846/196912/27/2021

Keith Kyle is a realtor with Vista Sotheby’s International Realty and a Hollywood Riviera real estate specialist.

Redondo Beach modern townhomes

Our Latest Luxury Listing in Redondo – 2207 Harriman Lane

2207 Harriman Lane Redondo Beach – Just SoldRedondo Beach modern townhomes

Although it’s not in the Hollywood Riviera, this North Redondo Beach townhome is most definintely worth mentioning.   Just listed this week, 2207 Harriman Lane #A will be listed at $1,575,000 and expected to get quite a bit of interest.  This is a one of a kind luxury detached townhome with almost too many upgrades to count.

Every so often a home comes along that is unlike anything on the market.

2207 Harriman is that home.  It merges beautiful modern design with over $100,000 of owner upgrades and enhancements that truly set it apart.

From the sleek architecture and beautiful landscaping, to the contemporary interior with stunning details and finishes, the home has a unique ‘wow’ factor.  Throughout the entire property the integrated window coverings, dimmable lighting, monitored security, and heating and air-conditioning are all automated and effortlessly controlled by voice.  With ducted vacuuming and stunning wide-plank oak flooring on all levels, it truly is better than a new build.

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Enter through the beautiful wood and glass front door to the impressive entry featuring dramatic lighting, soaring ceilings and gorgeous light.

The first level features two very spacious bedrooms both with 10′ ceilings, custom cabinetry, recessed lights and sliders to the private side yard area offering the perfect retreat for guests.  The sleek guest bath looks and feels like you’ve stepped into a luxury hotel with gleaming cabinetry, frameless glass and a near-7ft vanity.


Additional features on the first level include laundry room with a sink and custom storage, a mudroom/linen closet, under staircase storage, and a car enthusiasts dream garage.  The double-height 3-car garage is unlike anything you’ve seen, with 3 side-by-side spaces and a Bendpak 2-car hydraulic lift so it can house 5 cars, or 3 cars with an elevated above-car storage space.  If desired, the lift can be removed by the seller.

Head upstairs to the impressive living spaces with an incredible open floorplan for luxury living.  Inspired design perfectly melds timeless and modern.  Soaring ceilings, sophisticated window design, integrated sound, and a stunning floor to ceiling fireplace create a spectacular living environment perfect for relaxing or entertaining.  The adjacent dining area features artistic floating cabinets, complemented by matching wide-plank oak floors.

The dazzling kitchen is an entertainer’s dream.  Minimalist design blends the 13ft quartz countertop with Viking Professional appliances and sleek glass cabinetry that houses appliances so they are hidden from view.  This streamlined aesthetic currently houses an espresso machine, toaster and kettle, all concealed when not in use.

The main level primary suite is breathtaking, with high ceilings, an abundance of windows, voice-controlled shades and lighting, floor to ceiling gas fireplace, and elegant built-ins to make it a sophisticated retreat.  It’s completed with an adjacent walk-in closet with feature hardwood wall, a private bathroom featuring a frameless shower, luxurious soaking tub, sleek dual vanity with quartz counter top, and a water closet.

Also included on the second level is a beautiful powder room and a spacious outdoor deck off of the living room that perfectly integrates indoor and outdoor areas.  Sit back and relax in the perfect weather on this private lanai.

The large mezzanine level is ideal for just about any use from 4th bedroom to home office to gym to game room and more.  This fantastic space features a private bathroom with frameless glass, spacious closet with built-in cabinets, and its own part-covered outdoor deck with fantastic city, mountain, PV and Sofi views.  Perfect for guests or as your own private getaway.

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