What’s Nearby…..Manhattan Beach Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Without questions, the Hollywood Riviera is one of our favorite areas of the SouthManhattan Beach Strand homes Bay. The combination of views, proximity to the beach and a real neighborhood feel make it special and unique. One challenge for some buyers is that it’s a bit further south and for commuters that can make a big difference. On alternative, albiet a more expensive one, is Manhattan Beach.  Manhattan Beach real estate is the most valuable of all of the South Bay cities with median home prices often well over $2,000,000.

Manhattan Beach homes range from everything from original beach bungalows built in the 30s (not many of these still standing) to the current wave of luxury new construction homes.

Real estate in Manhattan Beach is generally separated into 5 distinct areas orBeachfront homes in Manhattan Beach neighborhoods each with a very different look and feel. Here’s a quick rundown of each area, the home types and values. Click the links to see the homes for sale in those areas.

The homes closest to the beach are in the sand section of Manhattan Beach. This area extends from the beach to the greenbelt between Valley and Ardmore and homes in this area attend either Grandview Elementary or Robinson Elementary. The lots in this section are the generally the smallest of the areas and due to zoning there are far more townhomes than in the other neighborhoods. Home prices and values in the sand section are some of the highest and are certainly the highest price per foot due to the proximity to the beach and the often fantastic views. This is also home to the beachfront properties of the world famous Manhattan Beach Strand as well as highly sought after walkstreet properties.

To the east of the sand section sit the homes of tree section of Manhattan Beach. Although there are more trees here than in the sand section, the area is actuallyManhattan Beach CA called the tree section due to the street names. The appeal of this area is that the lots are larger which allows not only the homes to be larger, but gives it more a neighborood feel. There are almost no townhomes or condos so the neighborhoods of tree lined streets and single family homes has a very distinct appeal in Manhattan Beach.  The tree section is primarily served by Pacific Elementary School.

The other area west of Sepulveda is the hill section of Manhattan Beach. This is a pretty ideal combination of large lots and often big ocean views. Lying between Valley/Ardmore and Sepulveda, the hill section homes are often estate like properties and some of the most valuable in all of Manhattan Beach. The area is served by Robinson Elementary.

East of Sepulveda is East Manhattan Beach. This area has a nice neighborhood feel and due to it being a bit further from the beach, is also a bit more affordable. Lots in the neighborhood are usually either 5000 sq feet (50×100) or 7500 sq feet (50×150) meaning homes can be large and still have nice outdoor space. This is a favorite of builders as they can buy older bungalows on large lots and build very large new construction homes with 4 or 5 bedrooms.

The last area of Manhattan Beach has a very different look and feel. It is the gated community of Manhattan Village and offers townhomes and single family “estate” homes in a very quiet and tranquil community. Life in Manhattan Village is much slower paced and as it’s a guard gated community there is much less traffic and streets are usually quiet and safe. Homes in Manhattan Village can range from two bedroom “court homes” to 5 bedroom single family homes. The community offers nice amenities including several pools and spas, playground and open spaces.

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